School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support

St. Mark’s teachers have undertaken extensive training in ‘School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support’. This recognises the importance of positive relationships among all members of a school community to enhance learning. It is a systematic approach for implementing proactive, school-wide discipline. Students are taught the expected behaviours in all areas of the school and are rewarded for demonstrating these throughout the day.


We aim to:

  • Build a positive culture that promotes social and academic success
  • Identify and prevent problematic behaviour in it’s early stages
  • Directly teach appropriate social skills to all studentsProvide behavioural support for some students
  • Use data to assess and improve the culture of our school



These are our ‘Three I’s’, which are the St. Mark’s School Rules. Students who demonstrate any of these behaviours may be presented with a ‘token’. These are collected individually and can be later exchanged for a reward, which is specific to their year level.



Displayed around the school are behavioural charts related to each area (see documents below). These specify the behaviours that are expected from all students.