Learning & Teaching

All in the community are seen as lifelong learners therefore we strive to provide an environment where we:

  • develop a healthy self-esteem, so that all will think of themselves as significant, capable, worthy and able to succeed according to their own rates of development.

  • have programmes that are sequential, planned so as to meet the needs of the learner and are continually evaluated to  ensure engagement through teaching that is learner based and focused

  • are exposed to a variety of experiences, including different teaching approaches, styles and role models, and have available to all quality resources, sufficient to meet the needs of all learners.

  • have opportunities to practise and apply new understandings, and learners are able to monitor and assess their own development.

  • recognise each others talents, skills and achievements through appropriate feedback.

  • are immersed in a variety of challenging and enjoyable learning situations, including co-operative interaction with others in flexible groups, appropriate to the task at hand.

  • have the opportunity to use modern technologies to enhance the learning process