Our Parish motto is “Growing Together’ and through working in partnership with families and the parish in the spirit of the gospels we provide our students  purposeful learning and life experiences within contemporary learning spaces.

We promote and value academic excellence and provide a balanced personalised curriculum with a strong focus on student wellbeing. Being part of a caring faith community instils our students with a sense of identity and a feeling of belonging.


St Mark’s staff are committed to providing a high quality curriculum that challenges students. The teaching is targeted to engage students in their learning within flexible groupings and focuses on empowering students under the guidance of the teacher to monitor and assess their own learning through reflection and self evaluation.


The teachers are also engaged in high quality professional development and work together collaboratively to create the environment to allow students to make a difference for themselves.


All learning areas throughout the school have been refurbished and updated to provide a cohesive learning environment from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6. Our learning spaces accommodate areas that are suitable for whole class, collaborative, small group and individual learning. We have a purpose built resource centre which incorporates a library, inquiry & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) space where students can participate in coding and technology and science activities, art room and cooking facilities, multimedia facilities and a seminar room.


Specialist subjects are Physical Education, Performing Arts (incorporating drama, dance, music), Japanese Art, Inquiry / STEM, Technology / Coding (accredited eSmart school).


Students are also provided with opportunities to participate in a range of extracurricular activities such as Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, coding club, choir, lunchtime games club, piano, keyboard guitar and ukulele lessons, after school art classes, lunchtime and after school dance & sport programs.

Frances Matisi

School Principal




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