Assessment & Reporting


Students’ progress is continually monitored throughout the year. At the beginning and end of the year specific standardised literacy and number assessments are used. Ongoing assessment including observations, samples of work, self reflections, capacity matrices assist in tracking learning.

Assessment includes:

Early Years Literacy Assessment P-2 twice yearly.

SINE testing P-6

PAT Reading and Comprehension P-6

PAT Maths 3-6

You Can Do Maths P-2

NAPLAN Yrs 3 & 5

Ongoing monitoring of each unit of work is implemented at appropriate times. Capacity Matrices are implemented in Years 3-6. This assists the learner in monitoring their own learning and achievement at the expected level.



Student reports are sent home in June and December. These reports indicate to students and parents the progress made and assist the student in reviewing their goal setting for future learning.

Reporting includes:

Parent/Teacher Meeting in February each year

June written report and Student/Parent/Teacher conference

December written report.