Learning Spaces

Our learning spaces accommodate areas that are suitable for whole class, collaborative, small group and individual learning. St Mark’s Foundation Contemporary Learning Area was completed in time to welcome the 2013 Prep students. It compromises of large learning areas, new furniture, interactive whiteboard/tables, indoor toilets, a small amphitheatre, pin boards from floor to ceiling and a media display unit where the children’s work and information are displayed daily on the screen outside the classroom area. The children have enjoyed being part of this engaging learning environment. The parent comments have been overwhelming and have loved the architectural design and the pleasing classroom setting.

Other Resource area are:

* Art Room/Stephanie Alexander Kitchen

* Seminar Room

* Media Room that runs our in Kids TV program

* A Parent Room

Foundation Learning Area

Year 1/2 Learning Area

Year 3/4 Learning Area

Year 5/6 Learning Area




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